7 ways to use Vine to promote your brand

When Twitter was first launched we were puzzled how (and why!) we should say something in 140 characters. Well, we learned the way. Its simplicity proved to be one of the bravest and most successful strategies we’ve seen so far.

In the end of January Twitter introduced Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like tweets, “the brevity of videos on Vine (only 6 seconds or less) is supposed to inspire creativity”. And instead of trying to get your head around its concept, get your iPhone and install the app now.

vine video app

Here are 7 ideas how you can use it for business

The elevator pitch

We’ve all practiced the elevator pitch. I personally love watching all sorts of pitch presentations. It’s a quick, clear and powerful message to promote your brand or yourself. Can you convey your message in six seconds? Well, if you try, you will find the way.

Product Presentation

Whether you’re a creative agency, a retail brand or a freelancer, you should invest an hour recording quick short videos demonstrating your products. The more creative they are, the better.

Create funny, shareable videos

Shoot quirky, authentic and innovative videos that people will love and share. Those might be how you’re drinking your pint, your employees dancing on Friday afternoon or the neighbour’s dog trying to catch a pigeon. If it’s funny, it will surely gather some audience.

Get people behind-the-scenes

Following the previous suggestions, why don’t you open the back door of your office and share with your customers what’s happening behind the scene. If you own a restaurant, show people how the cook is preparing their food; if you produce clothes, show a sneak peek of the latest fashion item, etc.


If you’re a journalist or working at a news organisation, you definitely need a Vine account. It’s perfect for live tweeting and covering hot topics.

Promote discounts and offers

Half price offers, free delivery for a limited period of time, a new promo code. All these offers can fit in a quick looping video message. So why don’t you shoot and post it? It takes exactly 6 seconds!

Run promotions

Get people to engage with your brand by sharing with you their short Vine videos. Because it’s super easy to use, engagement rate should be considerably high. As Vine gives you the possibility to repost people’s videos, you won’t need to upload them yourself. Of course, allow some time to gain enough followers before setting up a real promotion, because you might end up waiting for people to participate.

Twitter surely wants to transform the online video messaging. I don’t expect miracles at this early stage of Vine’s life, but it’s worth investing some time in exploring it.

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