Swapaw – connecting dog owners for happy dogs

In the last few months we’ve been working hard to build a new platform that connects dog owners and help them take care of each other’s dogs when they’re away. The name of the product is Swapaw and our pre-launch page is now live.


Having involved very talented and passionate people in the project, we’re determined to build a community of trusted and experienced dog owners who always put dogs first and fight dogs’ loneliness together.

The idea of Swapaw was born on a cold January day when Stef and I were struggling to find the right pet care for our pets Bruno (French Bulldog) and Pepper (Dutch rabbit) before our holiday to Morocco. None of the options we had seemed good enough – pet sitters in our area charge a small fortune for a 10-days period, we didn’t have friends and familyto rely on at this time, and leaving our beloved pets with an unexperienced pet lover was just a “no-no”.

Of course, we’d always choose professional pet care, but we knew that there must be a better way for pet owners to get help with their furry loved ones that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why we’re creating Swapaw – a community of verified dog owners who help each other with dog boarding, day care and walks. The service will allow you to search for experienced dog owners in your area, book your stays and simply return the favour next time when your new friends or another community member need help. It’s simple and it works. I hope you and your dog will love it.


Apart from saving you money, Swapaw is dedicated to fight canine loneliness and help dogs meet new friends more easily. I truly believe that dogs need friends and social contacts just like people do (also backed by extensive researches in this field) and I’m thankful that I can now dedicate my time to building a new product that can make a difference in the life of dog owners and their beloved dogs. Leaving your dog alone all day long, expecting him or her to be happy and healthy shouldn’t be happening and I feel fortunate that I’m involved in a project that can stop this. Animal happiness and well-being is at the heart of what we do and I hope that Swapaw will prove to be a successful sharing economy product that delivers social good.

We’re working very hard towards our MVP and are very excited to join the startup scene. Sign up to get notified when Swapaw goes live and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also have a blog for all the dog lovers out there.

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