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How to use Instagram if your business is not visually appealing

Let’s be honest: using Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and other purely visual social media channels doesn’t work for all brands. If you, just like me, often hear “You have to use Instagram, it works great, you could do this and that…”,

7 ways to use Vine to promote your brand

When Twitter was first launched we were puzzled how (and why!) we should say something in 140 characters. Well, we learned the way. Its simplicity proved to be one of the bravest and most successful strategies we’ve seen so far.

Your Online Persona Matters

Google your name. What comes up? A funny pic of you and your best friend from your last birthday? Or dozens of strangers having the same name as yours? Or maybe the angry comment against Liverpool you posted a couple

50 Social Media Monitoring Tools

I know, I know, this is a topic that will never end. What’s the best tool to monitor and measure your social media performance? You’ve googled this many times, you’ve played with plenty of useful and useless tools and you’ve

How to Use Pinterest for Business?

 According to comScore, Pinterest is the fastest-growing websi­te of all times. I’m not surprised at all. It’s addictive, it’s beautiful, it’s inspirational and it’s easy to use. As it’s already been said, Pinterest is how we want our world to

Social Media in B2B environment? Relax, please…

Recently, I’ve been challenged to prove why a B2B company should start using Social Media. It was a harder task than expected. I felt like in a cruel battle to defend the fact that Social Media is not just about

Content Marketing – what we need to do from now on

To be honest, I find the whole buzz around content marketing a bit funny. The reason is that all marketing experts are talking about it as a new, revolutionary type of marketing, while for me this is the oldest type

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